King Diamond visitó campamento de Slayer

Kerry King y King Diamond en el Mayhem Fest 2015

La primera parte de la gira de despedida de Slayer llega a su fin el 20 de junio y los reyes del thrash tendrán 6 días de descanso para reanudarla el 26 en la misma región, Norte América.

Eso quiere decir que Behemoth tocará su último concierto con Slayer y en la segunda parte se reincorpora Napalm Death. Lamb of God y Anthrax seguirán en las agendas.

En esta circunstancias, vino a visitar el legendario King Diamond quien fue un invitado de honor y pasó tiempo con todos los músicos presentes.

Nótese la perspectiva de cada banda y artista. La foto seleccionada y los textos es la imagen que quieren dar.

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I was 7 or maybe 8 when my brother's best friend Donis came to our flat, made me sit on a couch and put the cassette to a player saying: this is music of satanists! He probably didn't even know the name of the band himself. I was left alone in a room completely immersed in the sounds of black mass and this insane, one of a kind falsetto! I was scared to say the least. It took me few more years to find out it was a legendary "Don't break the oath" album. I've been a huge fan ever since. In ’97 despite having my leg in a casket and walking with crutches I did travelled to Poznan to see M.Fate/K.Diamond show. The promoter ran away with money and ripped the band off... yet King decided to go on with the show. And the show absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! We were privileged to share the stage with King Diamond in USA for 5 weeks years later in 2005. While touring I never saw him. King would show up 1 min before the show to disappear 1 min. after. When we met few minutes ago he pointed at my shirt and started laughing...! The next thing he said was: “I got your lil figure at home!”. We had a long and super inspiring conversation. He shared with me ideas I'm not allowed to speak about but all I can say as a huge fan is that I couldn't be more excited about things to come! I have no words to express how much of a gentleman he is...! When making one of these photos Kerry said: “Let’s take Nergal in a king sandwich”!”. And so they did. I’m the happiest fuckin’ kid in the Universe now…!!! @garyholt_official @slayerbandofficial @slaywhore @kingdiamondofficial
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